Marrel Pajanil and His Faithful Journey

Marrel has transitioned from the tranquil island life in Batanes to the bustling cityscape of Makati City.

In the art world, every artist has a unique journey that shapes their creativity and perspective—delve into Marrel Pajanil’s artistic journey, a talented freelance artist from Batanes.

In Batanes, he joined the Yaru Nu Artes Ivatan, a gallery and a community of Batanes-based artists. With the help of this community, he discovered a place for experimentation. He also had the opportunity to hone his skills with diverse mediums, such as acrylic, oil, and even scrap metal.

However, Marrel has made the leap to live in Makati City since he yearns to explore new artistic horizons and opportunities. In Batanes, he relied solely on tourists as his prominent supporters.

Marrel shares the story behind his painting, “The Miracle,” which depicts the miracle that unfolded on a hill while Jesus preached to the people. The painting captures the moment when fish and bread were miraculously multiplied to feed the crowd. The background, adorned with sewn-together fabrics, symbolizes the diversity of people, each wearing their unique attire.

The Miracle by Marrel Pajanil

The Miracle,” 24″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas,
is now on display at Work of Love Café in Buting, Pasig City.

He hopes every viewer may be inspired and reminded of faith. Even in challenging circumstances, trust in God can lead to miraculous outcomes. The artist aims to instill the belief that “In Him, nothing is impossible.”

There may be times our resources are minimal. Let’s be grateful and remind ourselves to surrender to God.

Mark Nieva

Marrel’s primary goal is to exhibit and showcase more of his works, breaking stereotypes and asserting that self-taught artists can substantially contribute to the art world.

Let Marrel be an instrument to a deeper faith with his impactful art, which is currently displayed at Work of Love Café, Tri-Ax Two Center, San Guillermo Avenue, Buting, Pasig City, until February 29, 2024.

— Toby Denise Concepcion

Cover: Jilardon Bamba