By Tala Jose

Behold the world grows
and smaller
and smaller
‘til I can barely move
I am dark
from cupped hands
I run down spilling
lower than a beggar on his knees
I kiss the ground
anxious to ascend
I pour the soul
your hands have broken
I am barely myself
and you are barely you
and fainter
and fainter
your Face grows.

Oh, Beauty,
all around me,
Your kingdom come.
Give me this day
the meaning I must be
and forgive
my desires have gone askew
as endlessly
I thirst for You.

For this is what You have birthed me for:
and all these longings You have
coursed through my being are but
with which to glimpse your Face
of my efforts to say your Name.
Possess me
as this air
and breath would:
in sharpness
and warmth
I am
the Void
must enter.

Possess me
as this darkness would
in the mess of limbs
where i forget
which is mine
I am
the Sea
must conquer.

Possess me
as You first did
when You first spoke
your first Desire
for God
Here is Chaos
and will you not,
like you did
in ages long ago
inhabit me?

Possess Me
Do not forsake
Your Self.

Tala Jose
24″x24″ Mixed Media on Plyboard