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  • Kenth Galvez

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    Fascinated with magic and fantasy, Kenth is an artist who works in the construction industry. His art style of using metallic ink on different black canvases like paper and board is often inspired by the beauty of nature, harmony of lines, majesty of the supernatural, and grandeur of imagination.

  • Bianca is a 21-year-old painter from Makati City. Her works are inspired by the effect of sunlight during the late afternoon - the way it makes the world glow, the dramatic way shadows are cast against the vibrant hues of the environment. 

  • A civil engineer, Matthew has been incorporating art into his life. To help establish his signature art, he uses a diverse approach by mixing pencil, pen, acrylic, and oil. He aims not only to illustrate but also to evoke different emotions from a more in-depth perspective.

  • Stephanie is a mass communication graduate, a full-time mom, and an abstract artist. She gets inspiration from Bible verses, hence her artwork titles are based on them. She helps kids to attend school and learn about art and colors.

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