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  • Tim Russel Mondragon

    Russ is an architecture student. His artistic processes depend on his imagination, aiming to extract the utmost beauty in organic shapes and colors. He values self-expression the most; and seeks to produce works that show a new reality, where neither beautiful nor ugly worlds are created but a different one.

  • Isauro Guiang

    Isauro draws from inspiration.

  • Salve Regine Marilao

    Born and raised in the Philippines, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, major in Advertising Arts, Salve Regine has been a creative practitioner in multidisciplinary industries both locally and abroad for more than a decade. Shifting from the creative corporate practice to embarking on a new chapter, she is now focused on embracing her art's creative ownership.

  • Mikaela Mutuc

    Mikaela is a Visual Arts and Design graduate who pursued graphic designing for a living. Due to the pandemic, she has found her new passion for art through Epoxy Resin Art. It is her way of escaping the indoors and bringing the outdoors into people's homes.

  • Olmey Grospe

    Olmey is an 18-year-old artist from Nueva Ecija. She does both traditional and digital art. She's been taking art seriously for two years now and can work with different types of mediums, such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil paint, oil pastels, pastels, color pencil, graphite, charcoal, and alcohol markers. She specializes in portraits and surrealism. 

  • Dennis Dexter Sontillano

    Painting has been Dennis Dexter's past time, and he dares say, his way of life. Taking inspiration from nature, he paints across mediums like acrylic, oil, coffee and tea, and create scenic artworks. Brushstrokes create balance in his life as a priest and an architect. 

  • Janelle Francine Suministrado

    Janelle Francine focuses more on an avant-garde style when it comes to her artworks. At the moment, she's still studying and practicing doing portraits, landscapes, and still objects. She has been in the art community for a year, and she's yearning to learn more about it.

  • Cristeta Joy Sison

    Cristeta Joy is a self-taught artist. Her go-to medium is watercolor, but she also does gouache and digital painting. She paints to relieve herself from work-related stress and everyday life. She loves to paint floral arrangements, in particular. These arrangements had been a way for her to express her emotions. She starts with understanding her feelings, then she does some research on the flowers and what they represent. She creates a draft where she combines the different flowers then paints them. 

  • Samantha Benn Booc

    Sam is a university student from Iligan. She's doing art to feel good and accomplished, aside from her personal responsibilities.

  • Justine Velasquez

    Hong Kong-based landscape designer and part-time artist Justine Velasquez has been creating art since childhood. He discovered his passion for painting and creative expression from traditional to non-traditional techniques. Now working predominantly with epoxy resin, his fearless approach is unorthodox, rarely using an easel or a brush. Most of his works involve flow art techniques naturally and controlled. For him, painting is a therapeutic activity.

  • Angelli Lamique

    Angelli is a self-taught artist from Cebu City. She's been joining different art competitions since childhood, which helped her develop her skills. She loves painting and drawing that lighten up and help her express her inner self. She currently observes other artists to improve her craft.

  • Arnel Alvarez

    Arnel is a self-taught artist from Bantayan Island, Cebu. He uses acrylic, coffee, and watercolor in his artworks. He always has a soft spot for the poor and the children; he aims to help these children by selling his works. He also hopes to find a new home for his artworks.

  • Bernadine Gan

    Bernadine is a contemporary artist and designer. She began creating art in design school as an outlet of self-expression. Designer and space consultant by training, she returned to painting to create art that transcends the boundaries of classic and modern design. She prides herself in producing works that compliment any style of space.

  • Zandra Jewel Santarin

    Sandra is a self-taught artist from Cavite. Art runs in her family's blood, and she's thankful for it.

  • Pedro Bautista Jr.

    Peter, 30, is an Ankylosing Spondylitis warrior and a self-taught artist from Laguna. He diverts his pain by creating meaningful paintings and shares them on his YouTube Channel. As a warrior, his situation does not stop him from what he wants to do, live his life, and make his dream into reality.

  • Katrina Daños

    Katrina started drawing at seven years old, she tried painting but she's keener to using pens and color pencils. Landscapes are her favorite subjects. Aside from drawing, she also does photography. One of her photographs was even included in a digital display at the Louvre Museum.

  • Noeme Marie Adolfo

    Noeme Marie is a self-taught artist. She discovered her love for art and the beauty of creation at a very young age. She is influenced by nature, films, and other forms of art, which invoke the emotions, awaken the current state of mind, evaluate the status quo, and challenge conformity.

    She is an aspiring artist whose concepts delves into creating what can make the human mind think, contemplate, discover, wonder, and inspire. She generally uses water-based mediums, such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and acrylic gouache.

  • Crystal Gail Hicarte

    Crystal aka "Tal" is a self-taught artist who fell in love with the idea of conjoining fantasy and reality. She commonly paints the concept of beautiful femininity through surreal expressions and semi-realism art. With watercolor and acrylic paint as her primary medium, she regularly ventures into her unique "artscape," though she is not opposed to switching things up and exploring new genres or art styles.

  • Hadji Miguelito Mendoza

    Hadji is teaching bread and pastry production at Mataas na Paaralang Neptali A. Gonzales. The proceeds he's getting in this venture are used to buy tablets and cellphones for his nephews and nieces for their distance-learning classes.

  • Stephannie Ellen Yapco

    Steph is a real estate analyst by day and a hobbyist by night. Ever since March, when working from home became a thing, she began to have more free time and decided to learn new hobbies, including art. Even back when she was still a kid, she always loved art, whether it was painting, sketching, or digital art. While most feelings are expressed through words and actions, she finds it amazing how art has the power to come across people's hearts--depending on what resonates with them. 

  • Katrina Yves Sotes

    Katrina is a 23-year-old self-taught artist from Iloilo City. She's a law student with an undergraduate degree in political science and history; hence, many of her works revolve around those subject matters.

  • Webster Coronel

    Born in 1997 in Baliuag, Bulacan, Webster is a self-taught artist who loves making abstract paintings, portraits, and landscapes. A business administration student, Webster loves to explore and learn more about different art techniques and styles. Acrylic and graphite are his favorite mediums.

Showing 1 - 25 of 231 items