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  • Adele Joy Mojica

    A talented artist, Adele uses her skills to support her education; she's taking up Secondary Education, major in Social Science. She's fond of painting still life subjects with glazed, shiny, and realism effects.

  • Aileen Pizaña

    An aspiring artist trapped in a lawyer's body, Aileen has always been passionate with the arts, especially painting and interior design. Despite the demands of her legal profession, she still finds time developing her artistic flair. She began with a brief stint in painting using charcoal as primary medium, but her current interest is on acrylic.

  • Aileen Sarah Roque

    Encouraged to pursue the arts at a young age, Aileen is an artist-traveler who loves to paint portraits of women. For her, "every woman is beautiful; we just have to love our flaws and imperfections."

  • Alberto Daus Jr.

    Albert is a 21-year-old animation student from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. From elementary to high school, he won in various traditional painting and poster-making competitions, which motivated him to continue studying art in college. For him, there's an unexplainable satisfaction in every piece he creates.

  • Alexandra Mae Dela Cruz

    A self-taught artist from Taguig, Alexandra has always been fascinated with art and the idea of creating it since she was  four years old. Charcoal and acrylic are two of her favorite mediums to work with.

  • Alfredo Bitoon Jr.

    Born 1992 in Danao City, Cebu, Alfredo is a self-taught artist who began painting at the age of 24. He usually paints landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. His inspirations were Wilfredo "Boboy" Canete, Clint Normandia, Rumulo "Mulong" Galicano, and the Old Masters.

  • Allen Ferrer

    Allen spends his free time in expressing his ideas and thoughts through his artworks. His appreciation for nature and aspiration to develop his artistic skills motivates him to draw and paint.

  • Amirey Bugay

    Amirey is a self-taught artist who is passionate about learning more about art and exploring things to improve her craft.

  • Ana Fe Ruiz

    A breast cancer survivor, Ana does Art as a lifetime therapy. Her artworks speak about her emotions, mind, and soul, and have stories to tell that inspire other people's lives. She held her first solo art exhibition in 2018.

  • Andrea Kjaernet

    Andrea's paintings are usually of female subjects that evoke extreme emotions, moods, and ideas - her way of expressing her own struggles with mood disorders. Through her art, she raises her voice against social stigma and discrimination that can make mental health problems worse and prevent a person from getting the much needed help.

  • Andrea Iquiña

    A self-taught artist, Andrea loves both perfection and imperfection. She believes that art inspires beauty and not the other way around. Her contemporary artworks depict beauty in rareness.

  • Andrew Fernandez

    Andrew is a self-taught artist from Ormoc, Leyte. Andrew loves to paint mixed media on canvas, which he has enjoyed since childhood: from drawing stick and comic figures to blending and mixing various paint colors.

  • Ang Sampung Pangarap Ni Rizal

    The proceeds of this Online Charity Art will go to 10 different youth organizations and groups, which include Tanghalan Mandaluyong, Natasha Goulbourn Foundation, Soup Kitchen of Pasig, Phil-Asia Assistance Foundation, Gota de Leche, Pasig Catholic College Center for Culture and Arts, Sagip Batangpalengke, Teach Peace Build Peace Movement, San Pablo Apostol of Tondo Youth Ministry, and Hospicio de San Jose.

  • Angel Lyn Tible

    Angel is a programmer by profession, but painting and making art are where her heart lies. It's her way of expressing her feelings, especially during difficult times. Angel mostly uses acrylic and watercolor and finds joy in painting strange faces - almost psychedelic as her friend describes it.

  • Angela Taguiang

    Angela is an illustrator and graphic designer. She likes using different mediums that work together to create pictures that tell a story. She is an active member of Ang Illustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK), the country's only organization dedicated to creation and promotion of illustrations for children.

  • Angela Dianne Agustin

    In this world full of troubles, art serves as a venue for Angela to remember God’s promises. She makes whimsical pieces that will hopefully remind people of the magical nature of faith, hope, and love.

  • Angelica Dela Cruz

    Angelica is a 23-year-old junior architect based in Quezon City. 

  • Angelica Castillo

    Angelica is a 24-year-old tourism graduate from Far Eastern University. She's a self-taught artist who spends her free time painting using acrylic. She also loves to upload art-related videos, sharing her painting techniques, on her new YouTube channel. Her favorites are landscape, nature, history, and genre paintings.

  • Angelica Baltar

    Angelica is a self-taught artist from Cavite. She tells different stories with her paintings, hoping they could reach not just the eyes but the hearts of the audience looking at them.

  • Angelica Marie Alim

    A 21-year-old self-taught artist who is currently taking up BS Aeronautical Engineering at Philippine State College of Aeronautics. She loves to depict the reality of life through her drawing and painting.

  • Anna Monina Baylon

    Anna Monina is a professional makeup artist and body painter. She loves to paint inanimate objects, especially floral designs, and paint using different mediums, from oil to watercolor to acrylic paint.

  • Apple Joanne Taguinin

    Apple is a flight attendant and a self-taught artist. She has always been interested in the arts but didn't have the time to pursue it. Now that she's less busy, she has been drawing and painting non-stop. She loves painting using acrylic, and her favorite subjects are seascapes and nature.

  • April Gaye Sta. Maria

    April is a self-taught artist. She sketches and paints to escape the norms of the corporate world. Although she stopped making artworks when she started working, April always admired the human anatomy, femininity, and nature. She's still learning and will continue to express how she sees the world through her art.

  • Ara Joyce Asuncion

    A self-taught artist, Ara experienced hardships when she was still young and found solace in art. Her artworks are mainly about self-expression and personal experiences as a woman. She paints mostly female faces, complemented with harmonious colors.

  • Ariel Dindo Flynn Villalobos

    Ariel Dindo Flynn is a 40-year-old Fine Arts graduate from FEATI University. Currently based in Las Piñas. he's fascinated in creating artworks on old or discarded woods.