How Nature Inspires Joemz Barros

Meet Joemz Barros, a visual and graphic artist who has been passionate about art since high school. He loves painting in oil and approaches every piece with total commitment, whether with traditional or digital media, and fills each work with his unique perspective and emotional depth.

His handcrafted pieces, such as his original painting “Mount Pamitinan,” are visually captivating and convey an unachievable sense of authenticity, identity, and love for nature.

What inspired you to become an artist, and how did you develop your artistic style?

“How Michaelangelo made the sculpture ‘David’ shows that commitment and perseverance are needed to make a masterpiece. I keep reminding myself never to rush, commit to the idea, and take as much time needed when making an artwork.”

Tell us about a particularly memorable encounter with nature that inspired one of your artworks.

“Like this painting ‘Mount Pamitinan’ [in Rodriguez, Rizal], I’m astonished at how beautiful and raw nature is. This seemingly unbothered landscape inspired me to paint this scene.”

Mount Pamitinan

“Mount Pamitinan”
29″ x 21″ x 1″ Oil on Canvas

In what way can we achieve a sustainable future as a society?

“Let’s take what we only need from nature to stop abusing our natural resources, and preserve these beautiful landscapes for future generations, which may also inspire future artists.

“In my small way, I’ll keep producing artworks showing how beautiful nature is, which keeps inspiring painters then and now.

“I want to touch the hearts of the audiences to help preserve these astounding sceneries.”

– Toby Denise Concepcion