Tips to Stay Productive and Creative While Quarantined, Part One

In the time of the dreaded COVID-19, the world is on a standstill.

The expected spread of the disease has been causing fear, anxiety, and uncertainty as to when this ordeal will end.

But no matter how bleak the circumstances we’re in, Filipino visual artists can use their time under quarantine in a positive way.

Here are some tips:

August Punzal, Taytay, Rizal

“Now we have a lot of time in our hands, focus your energy on that artwork that’s in the work-in-progress stage, watch videos on how to improve your art style, and share your tips and tricks in vlogs targeting the young artists.

Also, watch the news to know what’s happening, and pray everything will be all right.”

Marielli Arnaldo, Las Pinas City

“Meditate in solitude amidst these trying times and pray to the Almighty for the deliverance from the deadly virus the whole world is fighting today.

“Also, let’s create at least one artwork per week.”

Richer Fernandez, Cavite City

Discover further your artistry by looking deeply through your experiences.

The situation we’re in, right now, can add up to your sensitivity and depth as an artist.

Richer Fernandez

Och Gonzalez, Quezon City

“I spend my days in prayer and by painting and sketching.

“To provide people some needed rest from all the terrible news, I share my new works online.

“Also, creating and selling art enables me to raise funds to donate to various causes that address the shortage of food and medical supplies.”

John Paul David, Bataan

Meditate, contemplate, and create. As artists, it’s our job to respond or react to what’s happening around us. Be it political, religious, or environmental.

Now is the best time to unleash the creative genius within, but first, wash your hands.

John Paul David

Shalom Deo Ramos, Pasig City

“Time is essential to every artist.

During this crisis, where everyone is stressed and worried, artists should use the power of art to convey a strong message of hope, healing, and solidarity to everyone.”

Photo: Brian McGowan