Celebrates Four-Year Milestones

As online art gallery FilipinoArt marks its 4th anniversary, let’s look back and relive the incredible journey that has unfolded since our humble beginnings.

2019: FilipinoArt’s Birth
Embark on a journey that began in 2019 when FilipinoArt was founded with a vision to celebrate and showcase the diverse talents of Filipino visual artists. It all started with a humble community of 28 artists.

2020: A Year of Growth and Recognition
FilipinoArt soared to new heights the following year, selling over 200 paintings and welcoming 147 contemporary artists into its vibrant community.

2021: Expanding Horizons
Its momentum continued into 2021, as FilipinoArt obtained 140 new artists and successfully sold over 200 paintings, solidifying its position as an expanding art community.

2022: Recognized Excellence
In 2022, FilipinoArt expanded its family of artists by adding 160 new talents.

2023: A Culmination of Success
FilipinoArt stands proudly with a roster of 470 artists.

It has cumulatively sold over 800 paintings and reached art enthusiasts globally, shipping to locations such as the USA, Singapore, Belgium, Dubai, and more!

FilipinoArt has also been honored as the “Top 1 Art Blog in the Philippines” by the social content-reader Feedspot.

Our Partnerships: Building Bridges through Art
FilipinoArt thrives on collaboration and community. We’re proud to have partnered with respected organizations, such as Art Circle Gallery, The Craft Central, World Vision Philippines, Grain Foundation for PWD Inc., Philippine Guild of Watercolorists, Brewed Specialty Coffee, JT’s Manukan Grille-BGC Branch, Work of Love Cafe, and the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of Filipino artistry at FilipinoArt, where creativity knows no bounds!

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant expressions and cultural diversity as we unveil exciting discounts and events awaiting you!

Cover Art & Video: Jilardon Bamba