Kurit-Lagting Art Collective Empowers Curators in Bicol

Sorsogon, Philippines–The Kurit-Lagting Art Collective and the Concerned Artists of the Philippines Bicol Chapter (CAP Bicol), in collaboration with the Sorsogon Initiatives for Culture and Arts Development and CT Gueta Art Studio and Gallery, recently conducted the Kurit Series: 1st Regional Curatorial Workshop. The virtual workshop, held via Zoom on May 20, aimed to engage independent and institutional curators, including young curators and art students, in the Bicol Region. 

The full-day workshop allowed the participants to learn and engage with the community through the essential aspects of curation, the careful selection of art pieces in an exhibition.  

The curators who participated, experts in their respective fields, shared their knowledge and insights. They addressed the methodologies and platforms for active community participation in curatorial decisions and the challenges faced in organizing exhibitions and artist-led initiatives. 

The Kurit-Lagting Art Collective, in its part, has been exploring different approaches to developing concepts for community exhibitions or curatorial projects, which could be done individually or collaboratively, and were reiterated in the workshop. 

The Kurit-Lagting Art Collective and CAP Bicol look forward to a face-to-face session with the participants in July.  A select group of curators from the workshop will present their proposals in Albay and Sorsogon, with the chosen proposal to be developed further as an actual curatorial project.  

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Photo: Kurit-Lagting Art Collective

– Toby Denise Concepcion