Father’s Day 2022: Give Love, Buy Art!

By Kyle Dimayuga

As the Father’s Day celebration approaches, a meaningful gift is what he deserves—an appreciation for his hard work, love, and care for his family.

Here are some artworks we can give to our papa, tatay, lolo, dad, or daddy on his special day.

1. Dugong Pinoy

For being the “Padre de Pamilya,” this artwork represents the hard work our fathers have to put in this vital role. It perfectly illustrates how strong and resilient fathers can be when providing for the family.

2. Father and Children

We should also give an equal appreciation to all the single fathers who act as both the father and mother for their children; they certainly provide the same amount of love to their offspring.

3. Great Courage

Just like the lion, the king of the jungle, this painting represents that our fathers are the protectors of their family, who at the same time make them feel loved and cared for.

4. Father’s Love

Fathers always find time to bond with their family members; this painting represents the strong bond between a father and his son/daughter during their quality time.

5. Till There Was You

A father’s love for his wife is unconditional and eternal. This painting depicts a couple who has grown old together, yet their love remains strong and unbothered.

This Father’s Day weekend, buy art as your heart-warming gift to your beloved tatay or lolo. In this way, you give a perfect gift to someone you love and help Filipino artists who put their time and effort into creating these meaningful pieces.

Photo: Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya