‘Fiesta’ Artist Richer Fernandez says, ‘Don’t Stop Making Art’

By Jessa Mae C. Abug

Online art gallery FilipinoArt.ph launches a mid-year promotional campaign titled “Refer a Friend, Win an Original Artwork!” highlighting Richer Fernandez’s art piece “Fiesta,” running from May 15 to June 30, 2022. [Extended to July 31, 2022!]

To encourage support for our local artists, the promo will allow art enthusiasts to get an opportunity to take home Mr. Fernandez’s “Fiesta” for free by referring their friends to buy any available artwork at FilipinoArt.ph.

See the full mechanics “here.”

Mr. Fernandez’s “Fiesta.” “Fiesta,” a 36” x 36” frameless acrylic on canvas, is a product of three long weeks of conceptualization and hard work dedicated to displaying the Filipinos’ various cultures and the spirit of local town fiestas.

“I want the audience to appreciate life, see the good things in their relationships, in everything they have,” Mr. Fernandez mentioned in an interview in an attempt to capture humanity’s quitting spirits at times. “My goal is to inspire them—inspire them to live their lives,” he added.

Mr. Fernandez, with 12 available artworks and three sold artworks on FilipinoArt.ph, showed how helpful the online art gallery is to his growing art career, defying the challenges of any artist’s journey like him.

For him, who once shared the same sentiment as any other artists’ scarce resources were neither a challenge nor a hindrance, “Whenever I would have something to paint, I would look around me. As long as I have a paper and a pencil, I would write something, draw something,” he said citing how he grew creative and honed his skills leading him towards his career’s success.

At the end of the interview, he left a message to young Filipino artists who aspire to challenge the stigmatized journey of most visual artists, integrating the deep connection to your meaningful purpose, education values through the arts, and gratitude to God.

Do not stop. You only stop when you pause. There will be people who will belittle or mock you.  There will be people who will not believe or degrade you. But they don’t matter. What matters is what you’re telling yourself.

Richer Fernandez

Working mainly on abstract or abstract expressionism, Mr. Fernandez is also a father and a teacher for about 14 years, teaching the subjects MAPEH and Language. The 34-year-old artist is currently taking his Doctorate Degree in Philosophy, majoring in Educational Management, at Cavite State University.

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