How Art on a Wall Makes a Difference

Adding an artwork into your new room in the house or the office will help you express your personality or your company’s mission and vision statement. And in the event you decide to move out into a bigger home or office, you can always carry along the artwork with you. In any case, hanging a piece of art on your wall can bring forth these benefits:

Inspiring Color Palette

Choosing the perfect color palette for your room gets easier when you select an artwork as a source of inspiration. When deciding on what your wall color would be, you may choose a color that’s similar to the background or central color motif of the artwork. You may also opt to use a contrasting shade of color to help the artwork stand out.

Attention-Grabbing Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point, which is a fundamental element in interior design. The focal point serves as the “star” of the room; it’s also like a statement piece that grabs your visitor’s attention at first sight. A focal point could be an exciting piece of furniture or a scintillating piece of art.

The key to creating a useful focal point is to find balance in the items around the artwork. If you arrange it with a set of furniture, the artwork can exude an extraordinary visual impact, adding an effortless beauty into your room.

Dynamic Texture

While the artwork’s color adds life to any space, its texture adds dimension. The kinds of surfaces incorporated into your room’s design can dictate a pattern of movement, which provides the eyes with something interesting to look at.

Perfect Finishing Touch

Adding an art piece may also be the perfect last step when designing your room. As a finishing touch to your living space or the office, a well-chosen artwork can enhance the space’s overall color theme and design style. Make sure your style and the artwork’s context blend well – hat tip to Pinterest.

‘Filipino-ness’ Ambience

Another better way to decorate your space is by installing Filipino-made artworks, which may add to the “Filipino-ness” atmosphere of the room. Apart from the traditional Filipino-themed pieces by some local artists, there is also a wide range of other subjects and styles available to choose from.  Picking Filipino-made art doesn’t only bring out local touches to your space, but also shows your support to the growth of Filipino artists and their art.

Photo: Mael Balland