Thinking of a Perfect 2021 Gift? Why Not Filipino Art!

“Transverse 1,” Nerissa Buizon

As we usher in a new year, an original Filipino artwork is a great gift idea. Each is hand-crafted, which makes it extra-special. When maintained properly, an artwork could also last a lifetime or could even be passed on to your nephews, nieces, and grandchildren.

The more important question to answer, though, is how to pick the right artwork for your loved one, relative, friend, or colleague?

We’re here to help you:

  • For pop friends or colleagues

For your not-so-ordinary friends who love everything colorful and original, who love to stand out and be free-spirited, these artworks are best for them!

  • For the sentimental loved ones

For your loved ones who are vintage and retro fans, these artworks full of nostalgia could best be hanged on their walls at home.

  • For the aesthetes

For your tita or tito, or boss, who loves to place unique art pieces in any space, these art pieces made by our talented local artists are the perfect match!

What are your top picks? Add them to cart, and check out on

Some artworks are even on sale on New Year’s Eve until January 6, 2021!

Photo: Moritz Knoringer