Tips to Stay Productive and Creative While Quarantined, Part Two

In the time of the dreaded COVID-19, the world is on a standstill.

The expected spread of the disease has been causing fear, anxiety, and uncertainty as to when this ordeal will end.

But no matter how bleak the circumstances we’re in, Filipino visual artists can use their time under quarantine in a positive way.

Here are some tips:

Rose Amore, Malabon City

“This is the best opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and yourself; As an artist, give the gift of time to your family and do self-reflection.”

Rhenea Ienari, Santa Cruz, Manila

I spend my time creating free online video tutorials about watercolor painting for beginners and enthusiasts. It feels so good to contribute kindness and positivity in times of isolation.

Rhenea Ienari

Orwell Madera, Cebu City

Although working at home isn’t something new to me – I was doing home-based freelance work for almost three years – being able to do my art in the comfort of my home, while I’m still in virtual touch with my new officemates, has been one of the best ways to spend my time right now.”

Armenius Aralar, Binagonan, Rizal

“Besides painting, I also spend my time taking care of my family. I cherish this moment that we are all in the house during this trying time – making good memories in a bad time.

“God bless us all. Together, we can make it.”

Tez Velasquez, Angeles City, Pampanga

As an artist, this is the best time to create more art in whatever form – painting, music, literature, etc. – anything that you can easily do inside your home. Art is a form of meditation that everybody can tap into.

Tez Velasquez

Luzlyn Vasquez, Las Pinas City

“The best to spend your time now is to learn more new techniques for artists. Also, take time to share your knowledge through social media.”

Photo: Jonny Caspari