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  • Teodoro Baet

    From the Philippines' wood carving capital, Paete Laguna, Teo developed his creativity from carving a piece of wood. Now, he's teaching the young generation to build their love for art. His favorite subjects: the beauty of nature and his childhood experiences.

  • Tez Velasquez

    Tez is a graduate of B.S. Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas and worked with international firms around Asia. Late last year, she discovered another passion: painting art. "Painting art is meditation in colors" - Tez Velasquez

  • Thea Daguman

    Thea is a professional video editor, but art is her passion, specifically painting and sketching portraits.

  • Timothy James Santos

    Timy is a 22-year-old artist from Marikina City. Bearing an open mind and absorbing influences from various artists across the world, he hopes his art will also inspire and enlighten people.

  • Toni Rose Sarcida

    Inspired by her environment's aesthetic and noise, Toni's art is an eccentric and vibrant take on youth and natural beauty. The subjects of her paintings include elements of flora and fauna displayed in bright colors and flowing patterns. Her home, which she considers her pocket art gallery, is filled with pets and plants that have influenced her art.

  • Vanessa Joyce Tria

    A civil engineer by profession, Vanessa is a 22-year-old self-taught passionate artist who plays with hues using her fingers and a palette knife. Painting serves as her escape from life's painful daily realities and brings out a new creation from her fantasies.

  • Vanina Sabio

    Proud Filipina water-colorist and oil painter, Vanina is passionate about her works and life in general. She lives by the saying: a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Her art pieces speak about her fun-loving, unique, and tasteful nature. She enjoys the classy, buttery-cream texture of oil paint on canvas and is amazed at how watercolor creates its own character as it touches the paper. Currently, Vanina is busy with fundraisers and benefit art shows that support COVID-19 frontliners.

  • Veyson Caiga

    Veyson, 30, has been a traditional artist for more than 15 years. He loves to paint women figures because he advocates for women empowerment. He also does charcoal portraits and caricatures. And he loves abstract expressionism, too.

    "Masterpiece is not made overnight; it requires creativity, time, and effort."

  • Victor Raymundo

    Victor Raymundo, a 23-year-old artist from Taytay, Rizal, is a graduating student from Far Eastern University-Manila; he's completing his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Advertising Arts.

  • Zellah Gannaban

    Zellah has been passionate about the visual arts since grade school, which started out with the prang watercolor palette her father brought home for her. She's also interested in sketching portraits in graphite.

Showing 176 - 185 of 185 items