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  • Rechelle Calma

    "My heart beats for you with every brush strokes, with every palette caressing hue. Beyond the oil, beyond the paint, my love will cover the canvas of you." A poet and painter, that's Rechelle.

  • Rency Capistrano

    Rency is an 18-year-old self-taught realist artist and a student at Don Alejandro Roces Sr. Sci-tech High School. His works show the Filipino people and their history.

  • Reycard Tomulto

    Reycard is a 28-year-old aspiring artist from Iloilo City, who discovered his love for art at a young age. He joined several art exhibits in Manila, thus, giving him the avenue to expose his works.

  • Rhenea Ienari

    She's a Filipina artist who uses 'Rhenea Ienari' as her pen name. Through her art, Rhenea invites her audience to explore an "out-of-the-ordinary mundane world" via her ethereal-themed artworks.

  • Richer Fernandez

    Teaching, as a profession, has rekindled Richer's love for the arts. He has been developing further his skills in the visual arts since 2019.

  • Richerdan Ordiales

    Richerdan is a 20-year old student from Baguio City. As a hobby, he loves to paint abstract art and explores different forms of art.

  • Roberto Cabaro

    A BS Industrial Technology-Drafting Technology major from Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST), Roberto is a 26-year-old artist from Pasig City. He likes abstract and contemporary art; he enjoys painting portraits and figures of women.

  • Rogie Kolimlim

    Roj is a contractor and civil engineer by profession who has a passion and love for art and the purpose of helping less fortunate people. He is a self-taught artist who began painting just this year, 2020. Most of his artworks were inspired by his recent personal experiences and how he perceived society. Not only that he uses painting as a form of therapy but also as a means to help others. He donates the proceeds of his artworks to people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Rose Amore

    Most of Rose's works were inspired by impressionism and modern art. Her art style depicts representational painting with social relations, which can be a challenging task - looking at a distinctive and almost abstract style and freely expressing imaginative dreams.

  • Rosy Adriano

    Rosy is a Filipina painter whose body of work is much inspired by her faith and surroundings. She has been painting for over 20 years but only decided to share her work with the public in 2020. She hopes her art brings a smile to her audience.

  • Rowin Obrero Jr.

    Based in Zamboanga del Sur, Pagadian City, Rowen is a self-taught full-time artist. He has joined art exhibitions, won competitions, and traveled to different places as the national consultant of his art group, which mentors young artists. He focuses on oil painting - 'realistic impressionism' style; his subjects are landscapes, still lifes, and flora.

  • Ruben Calimlim

    Ruben is a 51-year-old Filipino artist based in UAE, keenly interested in realistic/detailed figurative painting and landscaping. Ruben's talent was developed during his intensive and challenging career with Walt Disney, Ph, where he learned several styles and techniques. For many years, he continues to explore, practice, nourish, and enhance his passion for the arts and architecture. He has participated in several art exhibits in the following cities/countries: Abu Dhabi (UAE), Dubai (UAE), Manama (Bahrain), Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei Darussalam), and Calgary (Canada).

  • Ruel Amistad

    Not too long ago, Ruel considered himself as a nominal artist. He appreciated art as he enjoys nature more often. However, because of the social norm that one had to work after college graduation, he spent half of his life working as a production associate and data analyst encoder in a BPO company. Until the situation hit him hard, and finally decided to start over as an aspiring artist. He has then studied art and now holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, with major in Political Science.

  • Ryan Orig

    Ryan, who works as a full-time graphic designer by day and a painter by night, believes that art is the food for the soul. As cliche as it sounds, money is not his top priority. The more Filipinos he inspires, the more satisfied his heart is.

  • Ryan Pinzon

    As an amateur digital artist, Ryan views art as a form of new evangelization. Since childhood, he has been interested in drawings and artworks, which has led him to study the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Samuel Funa

    Samuel is a professional visual effects and graphic artist. When painting, travel and nature is what inspires him.

  • Shalom Deo Ramos

    Shalom is a multi-talented artist, musician, and a nurse at Quirino Memorial Medical Center. For him, an art without a purpose is dead. That's why his artworks speak for themselves and convey diversified emotion and divergent interpretations.

  • Sharmaine Andrea Montealegre

    Sharmaine began drawing and sketching when she received an attaché case full of colored pencils, pastels, and pens from her parents when she was five. She took BS Architecture at Far Eastern University assuming it was all about drawings. She eventually fell in love with her degree but still has the heart of an aspiring artist.

  • Shaun Silagan

    A religious missionary, Shaun does oil painting as a hobby and as a way to express his emotions, aspirations, and perspectives in life. Art allows him to express himself in a way that words can't.

  • Sheena Marie Tubiano

    Sheena Marie is a Filipino artist who is currently based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her artworks are inspired by her experience living independently in a foreign country. She's passionate about self-discovery and women empowerment.

  • Sofia Hazel Urmeneta

    Safia is a freelance writer and self-taught painter. She loves creating with her hands and has discovered the therapeutic effects of painting. She took painting seriously in 2015 and has never stopped learning new techniques since then. Her favorite subjects are flowers and nature.

  • Steffi Sernal

    Steffi Raya Sernal recently discovered painting and would love to learn more techniques.

  • Stephanie Garcia-Santos

    Stephanie is a mass communication graduate, a full-time mom, and an abstract artist. She gets inspiration from Bible verses, hence her artwork titles are based on them. She helps kids to attend school and learn about art and colors.

  • Strawberry Arriola

    Strawberry is a 32-year-old artist from Parañaque City. She's been interested in the arts since she was young, from watercolor to carving to mixed media.

  • Tala Jose

    It was the plethora of internal "kalat" that first spurred Tala to create pictures and poetry as a productive way of expressing her emotions and tuning into herself. Some of her poems were published in "Joyful Light," a collection of poems by Filipina women, and two of her paintings were featured in "Daluyong," one of Pineapple Lab’s recent exhibits.

Showing 151 - 175 of 185 items