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  • Mary Ma Ann Maranos

    Ma Ann, who expresses herself through painting, resides in Dasmariñas, Cavite City. She makes art because she has a creative side that needs to be unleashed. Being an artist has moments of self-doubt, but her passion for the arts has overcome that. Jumping into the art world has been the best lifestyle change she has ever made. No doubt, she's living her life to the fullest.

  • Matthew Bauzon

    A civil engineer, Matthew has been incorporating art into his life. To help establish his signature art, he uses a diverse approach by mixing pencil, pen, acrylic, and oil. He aims not only to illustrate but also to evoke different emotions from a more in-depth perspective.

  • Melchizedek Lopez

    Sharing Christ's ministry through artworks

  • Melvene Vea Montemayor

    Melvene is a self-taught artist who is making modern art to add beauty to your home or office. Her artworks were inspired by fascinating people and surroundings close to her.

  • Mhedrose Jennikae Serioso

    A political science graduate, Jenni learned to do arts and crafts during her grade school days by recycling various materials into something more functional. During her stint as a preparatory and elementary teacher, she infused her creativity in making her teaching materials. She also assisted in art workshops for several years. Jenni's artmaking has now transitioned into a new style, which involves monochrome colors in different hues and marine forms. According to her, the Boracay seascape has become her new source of inspiration.

  • Mico Yamamoto

    Mico is a self-taught Filipino-Japanese artist who is genuinely in love with scenery and nature. In his artworks, he underlines exceptional details, using light as the main focal point, which captures the emotions and tells a story in the realm of fantasy.

  • Miriam Gorospe

    A 22-year old accountant, Miriam has always wanted to become an artist. Currently, she enjoys doing landscape paintings using acrylic.

  • Napolexander Mina

    Napolexander is an architect by profession, an artist by inclination, a runner by affliction, and an environmentalist by avocation. He has been part of various group shows and has had several solo exhibits.

  • Natasha Bayot

    Natasha is a 21-year-old freelance model and abstract artist. Her paintings mostly symbolize life as it is and human personas. At age 4, she was fascinated by art; she knew her fascination would be something she can be proud of someday. Natasha didn't take any fine arts degree in college. Still, her passion drove her to pursue her longtime dream of becoming an artist after her job as a pastry chef at an Italian restaurant in Makati City ended in the midst of the pandemic.

  • Nazareth Angeline Bordonada

    Nazareth is a self-taught artist from Pasig City. At the age of 9, she started drawing after being inspired by a '90s afternoon cartoon show. She practiced watercolor and ink but currently focusing on mastering oil as an art medium.

  • Nerissa Buizon

    Nerissa is a self-taught artist who delights in painting various pieces about her self-journey in finding real joy in this art form. Her interest in the arts started early but was discouraged due to the stigma that a career in the arts was not stable. She studied Industrial Engineering and has worked with several companies, got married, and was stuck in life as a housewife and mother, albeit happily. When her only child reached high school, she finally decided to start painting in acrylic and watercolor.

  • Nervana Solito

    Nervana is an artist at heart. She strives in every artwork to present things that are naturally inherent in human nature, such as love, kindness, and warmth.

  • Nikki Valenzuela

    Nikki, 34, is a teacher by day and freelance artist by night. She used to work in the animation and comics industry before serving as a public school teacher. She still finds time to work on commissioned projects.

  • Noah Sian

    Noah's talent and passion for drawing were noticed at an early age when he drew his favorite cartoon characters on the stairs in his grandmother's house.By age seven, his father bought him art materials and art books. At 13, he debuted in a one-person exhibit at The Negros Museum with the help of their local art community and supporters. On a separate occasion, he was privileged to do a charcoal portrait of, then Ambassador of Spain, Tomas Rodriguez Pantoja, who was the guest of honor during the sixth anniversary of The Negros Museum.

  • Normaine Thereese Harina

    Normaine Thereese C. Harina (Mia as her sweet nickname) is a 10-year-old girl and Grade 5 student. Her passion for the arts starts at the age of three. If the room is quiet, one thing is for sure, she's holding her crayons and sketch pad. She loves to draw flowers, the skies, sunrises, and sunsets. Nowadays, she's trying to draw a floor plan, which she got the idea from the Bloxburg Roblox game.

  • Och Gonzalez

    Och is a self-taught artist who explores real and imagined landscapes with acrylic and watercolor. She enjoys sketching on location and is a member of Urban Sketchers Kyusi. 

  • Pamela Lei Bermudez

    Pam, a painter and graphic designer, graduated from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Design, major in painting. She's currently completing her Master's degree in Fine Arts, major in painting and sculpture, also at UST.

  • Patricia Llavore

    Patricia is a medical laboratory scientist intern, but Art is her true calling and passion. She paints what she feels and draws what she dreams.

  • Patrick Evangelista

    Patrick is an aspiring illustrator and animator. He has huge passion for books, art, comics, and animation.

  • Peter Vitalez

    Peter is an abstract artist from Parañaque City. His work focuses on women and the struggles a person faces today - expressing them with bold colors. Balancing painting and his full-time job as a corporate trainer, Pete is making his mark in the world of art.

  • Phillip Miguel Luis

    Phillip is a visual artist who graduated with a fine arts degree from Kalayaan College. Like a sponge soaking up water, his drive and passion to better his craft have led him to experience and do everything visual arts has to offer. Right now, he's into traditional and digital painting - realism, to be exact.

  • Pia Joy Bohol

    A teacher by profession and an artist by heart, Pia Joy has been balancing both of her passions ever since she touched a paintbrush and started stroking it. She's known for making semi-realistic portraits. The Zodiac Series is one of her flattering masterpieces.

  • Precious Rianzares

    Growing up, she always knew she was destined to play with colors. She believes she can create magical stories using bold colors and present ideas beyond the whites and the blacks.

  • Ralph John Fatallo

    Ralph is a 29-year-old Fine Arts major in Advertising from the University of the East (UE). Ralph's life, being an artist, is a struggle; he has to be creative to survive, and he learned it the hard way. He grew up in an environment full of discouragements, but it didn't stop him from doing what he wants.  One day, his depression led him to create an artwork with his real stories, "when he paints, it lessens the pain." 

  • Raven Reece Jabines

    Raven is a young, self-taught artist from Cebu. She prefers using acrylic as her medium and is trying to explore others. Her works are not restricted to just one art style but are often inspired by the beauty of flowers – her favorite subject. She did not have much courage to make art back then but driven by her passion and love for the arts molded her into a confident person who believes that anything is possible as long as one is willing to work for it.

Showing 126 - 150 of 185 items