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  • Janniah Biojon

    Janniah is a 20-year-old self-taught artist who is currently taking up BS Architecture. She's pushing herself to a series of ventures of growth and self-love through art.

  • Jay Vincent Gatdula

    Jay is a full-time face and body painter, who works with different mediums like oil and acrylic. In his art, Jay aims to promote and preserve Filipino beliefs, culture, and traditions for the next generation. 

  • Jayson Gandia

    Jayson Gandia is an art enthusiast from the University of the Philippines. He does traditional and digital artworks and goes by the pen name 'Leo'.

  • Jendee De Guzman

    Jendee is a still life, landscape, and interpretative artist, who started at nine years old and was trained by Jun Lumanlan+ of Cainta, Rizal. Her exposure to the province of Rizal was able to hone her love for the arts. She also delights in her encounters with Angono artist Nemi Miranda. As a child of art, Jendee is a self-published author of “Be A Brand New You.” She finds painting and writing as her way to be a significant child of God. The arts are also instrumental in her life and finance coaching.

  • Jennifer Baja

    A Fine Arts degree holder at University of the East, Jen's passion for painting started when she was encouraged by her professor to join student art competitions and several group exhibitions, along with prominent Filipino artists. She uses oil and acrylic, but she also loves to use watercolor as a medium.

  • Jenny Lyn Patricio

    Lyn's art narrates stories and magnifies human emotions. She works mostly with watercolor but also loves exploring different mediums.

  • Jenry Mondido

    Inspired by nature and God's creations, Jenry is a self-taught artist from Iloilo City.  He believes that "we're created by God to be naturally creative."
  • Jeruel Angelo Mahinay

    An engineer by profession and an artist by heart, Jeruel held his first exhibit at Baybayin in Pasay City. He finished BS Electrical Engineer from New Era University and studied visual graphics and pre-press design at Philippine Graphics and Print Training Inc.

  • Jhessa Ochotorena

    Jhessa is a goal-oriented person who strives hard to reach her life's dreams.

  • Jhoannaliza Timbreza-Siao

    Jhoannaliza, or JL to her friends, has a bachelor's degree in fine arts from The University of the Philippines, Diliman. She previously worked as a team lead and art director in the Philippines before moving to Hong Kong for 11 years and deciding to be a full-time mom, part-time entrepreneur/baker/carpenter, and freelance art director/web/graphic designer. Despite being busy with her multiple careers, this mother of three adorable kids finds time to create, as she is not comfortable with idle hands, be it in painting, baking, woodworking, or just about anything.

    She likes fun, witty, and styled art with a message to convey. 

  • Jhon Erick Mirano

    Jhon Erick is a self-taught artist and an architect's apprentice, honing his skills since 2012. He discovered his interest in the arts when he enrolled in an arts program in high school. He juggles various media and art styles to test and improve his craft.

  • Jhuana Mae Libumfacil

    Jhuana is a self-taught artist driven by her passion for connecting with people and the world by expressing conceptual ideas through creative ideas. She gets her art inspirations from watching animes and movies, reading books, and communing with nature.

  • Jirah May Millano

    Jirah provides Filipino art collectors with her hand-painted pieces from watercolor paintings to wearable art.

  • Jofel Dalangin

    Aside from being an art enthusiast, Jofel is also a registered Certified Public Accountant (CPA), which he also playfully refers to as "Certified Passionate Artist."

  • Johann Ernestine Medina

    At a young age, most painters would develop their love for art through coloring books and sketches. For this Filipina, however, it started with a dream of traveling the world. The beauty in different cultures, people, and sceneries has influenced her passion for art. From the rich culture of Asia to the classical ambiance of Europe, she has engraved these sceneries in her heart, using their exquisite taste for art as inspiration for her oil paintings. With intricate yet delicate strokes, her paintings consist of vibrant colors as well as a unique texture, all working together to capture one’s eye and touch one’s heart. Her images are not only pleasing to the eye but are also a remedy to the soul. They bring out stories that need not be spoken but felt and imagined.

  • John Cedierick Abarca

    A passionate craft and art enthusiast, John Cedierick is a Bicolano architecture student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). His art pieces are mainly inspired by the rich culture of ethnic tribes and social lifestyles in the Philippines. He can create and bring your creative idea to life through his cathartic approach with his sketches and brush strokes.

  • John Emmanuel Pacis

    John Emmanuel is a self-taught artist trapped in a corporate employee's body. Originally from Batangas, Philippines, he now resides in Quezon City. John discovered his passion for the arts at a young age by drawing on the sand using his fingers. He's currently exploring different styles and specializing in photorealism.

  • John Paul David

    John Paul, who started drawing portraits when he was 16 years old, is a visual artist from the Bataan Peninsula. He specializes in charcoal, graphite, pen, and ink. He also paints and draws with different mediums such as oil, watercolor, and soft pastel.

  • Jorel Asor

    Jorel is a full-time UI designer. His interest in painting started when he met a painter three years ago.

  • Jorenn Navales

    I am Jorenn Navales, 23 years old. I'm a full-time artist from Pampanga. Charcoal and pastel are my main drawing tools. I also do custom-painted clothes, shoes, and bags. And I do a lot of dog portrait commissions.

  • Jose Ehric Egualada

    As a visual artist, he channels his creative flow into art pieces that recreate a society centered on God, nature, and people. From his experiences from his rural upbringing to his current urban setting, he has been able to synthesize the dichotomy between traditional artistic styles and out-of-the-box approaches.

  • Joyeuse Ancheta

    Joyeuse is a Filipino artist advocating for the shift of society full of knowledge and values. Her art is meant to provoke, challenge, offer hope and thereby heal. She is an established artist whose exploration has led her to enjoy working with beauty and feeding others creatively. This is where she follows the curves, experiences deep awe, and respects different cultures.

  • Juan Carlos

    Juan was introduced to the arts early and has recently explored the craft again after a long time. He's most inclined to landscape and abstract art but continues to discover other subjects to paint.

  • Julianne Delmar

    Julianne is a watercolor painter from Cebu who took Fine Arts, major in painting, at the University of San Carlos. Her favorite subjects are urban and street scenes.

  • Junieanne Cortez

    She's a young artist from Valenzuela City who's fascinated with colorful patterns and details. Most of her artworks are in line and dot-art form.

Showing 76 - 100 of 185 items