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  • Densen James Almeda

    A self-taught visual artist from Cebu, Densen fuses his interest in modern and minimalist graphic design with traditional art, which brings a perfect combination of his two passions.

  • Diesebel Rejuso

    Diesebel, 28, is a self-taught artist from Taguig City. She credits various tutorial videos on YouTube, where her love for painting started as a hobby and pastime. In 2017, she began painting using poster paint. Today, she's exploring other mediums, such as acrylic paint.

  • Dionong Robrigado

    A 49-year old Filipino artist, Dionong worked 20 years abroad as a mural artist. He loves to paint landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and abstracts. It’s the passion for the arts that keeps him creating original works.

  • Dominic Escobar

    "Serene" and "soulful" are the words to describe the art of Dominic. Born in 1995, Dominic, a self-taught artist, marks the Filipino culture's glory as his favorite theme. His Impressionistic brushstrokes and realistic application of colors produce artworks that send his audience back to "home."

  • Dyan Anunciacion

    Dyan, 27, is a freelance graphic designer and an online business owner. She took Fine Arts at St. Scholastica's College Manila. She's been in love with different art and creative expressions, which help distinctively convey her emotions. Most significantly, painting helps her appreciate the little and simple things in life, which she's forever grateful for.

  • Earl Waga

    Earl started his career as a digital painter and worked full-time as an illustrator for three years. He's now into traditional painting using acrylic and oil.

  • Edrine Mark Guardafe

    Edrine Mark is a Manila-based artist who expresses himself through art in an expressive realistic style. He loves both fields of logic and art; he believes that science and art are the pillars of the universe - logic and emotions are needed to feel alive and be alive.

  • Einstein David

    Einstein is a freelance artist from Betis, Guagua, Pampanga. He is very passionate and loves exploring different styles in paintings.

  • Elijah Mariel Redoblado

    Elijah Mariel is a 19-year-old student who's currently taking her DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry). She's a self-taught artist who depicts various emotions into an art piece. She enjoys the varieties of artworks with the desire to transform different ideas through arts.

  • Elisée Maryse Cuarto

    A part-time stock market trader and visual artist, Elisee was five years old when she started doing sketches. She's now exploring other mediums such as colored pencil, pen, oil pastel, acrylic, and watercolor. Most of her works are inspired by the Philippines, nature, animals, people, and culture.

  • Emmalyn Nerveza

    Emma loves to travel around the Philippines, and most of her artworks were inspired by the places she visited. She finds art as a medium to connect with nature.

  • Ezekiel Alcantara

    Ezekiel, an illustrator, and civil engineer, is enthusiastic about both arts and sciences. He mainly focuses on digital arts as a medium for his artworks. He envisions his craft as a pathway to depict certain aspects of his ideologies, advocacies, and personal experiences.

  • Freya Natasha Dy

    A 30-something freelance writer and editor, Freya loves to explore art and doesn't want to stick to one particular style. She admits not having the patience to do large-scale art pieces because her mind wanders off faster than her hands could execute her thoughts - she sticks to small artworks for now.

  • Gabriel Colico

    An artist from Bulacan, Gabriel likes expressing his thoughts, feelings, and messages through symbols in his artworks.

  • Gauri Sandbhor

    Gauri is a self-taught artist who loves painting in acrylic and charcoal medium. She explores different aspects of nature, using various techniques and textures. Her love for art is an exercise in self-indulgence in her otherwise busy world - a love letter to herself

  • George Caringal

    Currently taking up tourism management, George is a 20-year-old self-taught artist from Cavite City. He believes that art is the reflection of the artist's feelings and perceptions of reality.

  • Hancel Quinicio

    “I thank God for the vision of art that I was made to see and for the talent He gave me.” Influenced by various artists, Hancel found her passion in painting during her college days. Her subjects vary from whatever strikes her interest - from keen observations to feelings derived from true-to-life sceneries.

  • Herlyn Villanueva

    Inspired by the beauty of nature as her favorite subject, Herlyn is a 41-year-old self-taught artist and art lover. 

  • Hermel Alejandre

    Inspired by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, and an already prominent artist in the Bicol Region, Hermel is an artist born to fulfill one thing: to make his audience happy. Strength, passion, and integrity are his main ideas to reflect on his art.

  • Ian Dharell Rollon

    Ian is a professional graphic designer and visual artist. He has been part of different exhibits in Cavite, such as Sanghiyang Art Exhibit, Kapeng Kabite Art Exhibit at SM Trece Martires City, Pahimis Coffee Festival Art Exhibit, and Kindle Art Exhibit at Java Jazz Coffee Tagaytay to name a few.

  • Jake Orwell Madera

    Jake is an independent 2D artist based in Cebu, Philippines. Using digital media, he specializes in realistic and impressionistic portraits, creatures, and character illustrations. 

  • James Geddes

    James is a hotelier and fashion design student. His artworks are glimpses from his memory lane. He's also into palette knife, and acrylic pour painting techniques.

  • James Bryan Gandia

    James Bryan Gandia is a 26-year-old aspiring artist from Mauban, Quezon. It was back in his elementary days when he discovered his craft for the arts, which evolved into joining and winning local art competitions. Despite graduating BS Food Technology from the University of the Philippines-Los Banos (UPLB), he still makes time for his artistic passion.

  • Jan-pol aka CUTE

    John Paul Pacol is a self-taught watercolorist, fashion illustrator, and painter from Paoay, Ilocos Norte. Since childhood, he has been loving colors; he has been dreaming of creating his world with colors. He makes sure to paint, illustrate in watercolor in his spare time. Lately, he's experimenting with painting in acrylic.

  • Janina Saprid

    Janina is a professional makeup artist and an enthusiast in the field of beauty and fashion. She paints in her spare time; her artworks portray female subjects with different array of colors.

Showing 51 - 75 of 185 items