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  • Armenius Aralar

    Born in Binangonan, Rizal, Armenius only realized his passion for arts at a later age, but physical-related challenges didn't stop him from doing what his heart desires.

  • Arnel Millos

    Arnel is a full-time accountant who devotes his weekend to exploring watercolor via Plein Air Painting sessions and accepting portrait commissions. He's currently working on the themed art series "Local and Locals" and "Rainy Days in Cebu."

  • Arteinnian Tumulak

    Arteinnian is an artist who mixes artworks with traditional and modern styles. He teaches art and provides free materials to kids, even adults, who live in impoverished communities and the streets.

  • Arturo Arcega Jr.

    Arturo is fulfilling his lifetime dream by joining and earning recognition in the art world. His artworks are at the intersection of lines and abstraction, and all about emotions. He's creating different types of facial emotions using continuous lines amongst colors and brushes. Through his works, he shows his true emotions and hopefully inspire people.

  • August Punzal

    A former banker of Wells Fargo, August presents his art in the abstract form - with a twist of enthusiasm for what life is beyond his home country, such as in Egypt and elsewhere.

  • Beck Dollisen

    Beck is a ballpen artist, art and design educator. She studied design at the Technological University of the Philippines.

  • Bernadette Christie Martin

    Bernadette, 36, is a self-taught artist from Makati City. For someone who has physical challenges, she makes beads and accessories and digital artworks to augment her medical needs. She hopes to inspire people through her art and story.

  • Bethena Patricia Verdadero

    Patricia is an industrial designer and alumna of TUP-Manila. She is a watercolor visual artist whose subjects revolve around florals and gold that speak about one's hopes and emotions.

  • Bianca Gaa

    A young artist from Quezon City, Bianca specializes in abstract fluid painting. Her works display explosive creativity and remarkably vivid imagination that evoke wide ranges of emotion. She uses acrylic to her abstract paintings, but she sometimes works with watercolor to paint floral and portraits.

  • Bianca Flor Gazzingan

    Bianca is a 21-year-old painter from Makati City. Her works are inspired by the effect of sunlight during the late afternoon - the way it makes the world glow, the dramatic way shadows are cast against the vibrant hues of the environment.

  • Billy Abogadie II

    Billy "Viktor" Abogadie II is a 43-year-old artist born in Manila and a Fine Arts major in Commercial Advertising graduate from the Far Eastern University (FEU). He started his career as a humble stage backdrop and graphic artist at a wedding gallery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Today, he's a full-fledged artist who has participated in several group exhibits. He's also preparing for a one-man show featuring his 'Social Punk Art Realism' works.

  • Camille Dajay

    A practicing architect and urban sketcher, Camille's background in architecture makes her appreciate the various uses of space, which also inspires her art. On weekends, you may find her sketching around the metro with a group, or doing so alone.

  • Carla Norberta Francisco

    Carla is an almost architect trying to be a full-time visual artist. While preparing for the board exam, she decided to chase after her true passion and dream finally.

  • Chel Cabantog

    Chel is a self-taught artist who's exploring and expanding her horizons by practicing and learning from other artists. The aesthetics of nature inspires her artworks.

  • Cherry Gonzalez

    Many of Cherry's works are inspired by nature and the relationship between the natural and urban environment. She creatively reconstructs what she sees in her surroundings and pushes it to a new level: creating abstract compositions.

  • Choi Corsino

    Choi believes that "Art is a gift". It's not the kind of job that causes stress; instead, it provides happiness, contentment, and peace.

  • Chrisanto Rentoy

    Chrisanto Rentoy is a self-taught visual abstract artist who studied Engineering at Bulacan State University. His artworks range from the context of his belief to unheard forms of human experimental perception, perspective, and assumption. He uses oil and acrylic paint as medium and human subjects to express the vital role of art in human society.

  • Christelle Arroyo

    Christelle or “Chris” holds a degree in hotel and restaurant management. She has been painting and had joined several art exhibitions for more than 10 years now. She's fond of painting nature that reflects the beauty and love for God's creations. She also loves portraits, especially those that capture genuine happiness in people. A cake decorator in a five-star hotel in Manila, Chris's passion for the arts also translates into creating her own beautiful cakes.

  • Christian Prado

    Christian is an abstract painter from Quezon City.

  • Clarissa Borromeo-Scott

    Clarissa is an online project manager and self-taught painter who recently discovered the value of balancing life through art. Her themes focus on the abstract representation of nature and raw emotions.

  • Claudine Sta. Ana

    Claudine is an aesthetic artist. She makes everything come alive through art. She not only paints but draws, writes, and creates original jewelry. When asked what colors she'd be most known for, she said hues of pink and gold would paint her.

  • Czerina de Jesus

    Creating has always been a passion for Czerina, a lover of crafts and a self-taught artist. One of her many aspirations is to create pieces that evoke positive and hopeful emotions. She mainly works with acrylic and oil paint.

  • Danica Mercado

    A licensed secondary education teacher, Danica is a traditional artist who conducts art classes. She also does commission hand-sewn works and various arts and crafts for her small shop.

  • Darrel Nonato

    Darrel is a graphic designer who hails from Pasay City. Despite completing a degree in Fine Arts-Advertising Arts from the University of Santo Tomas, he went on a hiatus for more than a decade, focusing more on his full-time job and music. He's glad he's been back in the art scene since 2016.

  • Dennis Lagrosa

    Dennis is a self-taught Filipino artist who's fond of playing with watercolors, ink, charcoal, and graphite. Being a dendrophile, most of his work is inspired by the wonders of nature and vibrant life.

Showing 26 - 50 of 185 items