Leslie Castaneda

manila city, ncr, Philippines

Leslie Castaneda
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Painting / Drawing


Leslie Castaneda

Leslie came into the art scene quite late, at 48-years-old. One evening, after a day of working as a marketing consultant, she and her daughter stumbled upon the mesmerizing style of fluid art painting through a YouTube video. Already with a growing sense of creativity, she decided to try her hand in the medium. Through practice and effort guided by her son, Alphons, a creative director and graduate of Visual Communication from UP College of Fine Arts, she honed her skills. This newfound passion eventually became a way for her to meditate through the trying times of the pandemic.

After much encouragement from her family, Leslie decided to exhibit her art through Instagram and Facebook with brand direction from Alphons, and concept-making and copywriting help from her daughter Anika, a Creative Writing graduate from UP College of Arts and Letters.

Leslie Galerie was soon established, an online platform for her to not only engage with the community of artists to keep growing and learning but also share her paintings to the world so that others may also have the something to color their hearts and homes, as Leslie did for hers.

 Marketing consultant on the weekdays, contemporary abstract artist on the weekends. This is Leslie.