Kape Kesada Art Gallery Holds Mother’s Day Exhibit

Kape Kesada Art Gallery in Paete, Laguna, known for its blend of art in a café, together with the Unified Artists Society, holds a special exhibit, “Pagkalinga: Alay at Pagpugay kay Nanay,” in time for Mother’s Day! The exhibit, which runs until May 31, 2024, offers a unique experience where visitors can enjoy coffee, sandwiches, and a collection of vibrant mother and child-themed artworks.

The exhibit celebrates a mother’s strength, love, and resilience. Each piece also captures the essence of motherhood, showcasing the unique bond between a mother and her child.

Rey Adolfo, founder of the United Artists Society, says, “A strong mother never gives up.” This sentiment echoes throughout the collection, honoring the dedication and sacrifice of mothers everywhere.

“Pagkalinga: Alay at Pagpugay kay Nanay” features works by 16 renowned artists: Abegail de Luna, Ameer Catandihan, Anne Margaret Villanueva, Box Populi, Eleanor Oberio, Eva Correa-Simon, Ferdinand Sanchez, Jonna Fe Custodio-Adraque, Juvy Teope Mago-Abne, Leandro “Lenny” Gatapia, Lori Fabria, Konica Faustino, Minda Sta. Maria, Ser Rey, Sheryl Pautan, and Ton Muñoz.

Kape Kesada Art Gallery is located at 4 J.V. Quesada St. Paete, Laguna City.

Call 0915 593 1308 or visit Kape Kesada Art Gallery’s Facebook Page.

View some of the artworks on display:

mother and child painting

“La Madre Del Planeta De Placenta”
Sheryl Pautan
20″ x 20″
Mixed Media on Canvas

mother and child painting

“A Mother’s Warm Embrace”
Eleanor Oberio
20″ x 20″
Acrylic on Canvas

“Lady Loves Stray Cat”
Lori Fabria
20.5″ x 14.5″
Acrylic on Canvas

“Mother & Child No. 15″
Ferdinand Sanchez
20″ x 20”
Mixed Media

“Mother and Child 1″
Minda Sta. Maria
16″ x 16”
Mixed Media on Canvas

“Puzzle Art: The Hand That Bind 2″
Ser Rey
20″ x 20″”
Oil on Canvas

Photos: Kape Kesada Art Gallery and Unified Artists Society

— Toby Denise Concepcion