Bea Davila’s Brushstrokes of Memories

Visual artist Bea Davila uses art to express herself freely, specializing in impressionistic landscape paintings and portraits. Her art often features women, with added elements of flowers and plants.

Her passion for art has been nurtured since childhood, leading her to pursue a degree in painting at Far Eastern University.

In creating “Margaret Mary’s Song,” Bea considered how she could transport viewers to another world through her art. Being a church choir member, she drew inspiration from her musical background and decided to center the painting around the music theme.

She used music sheets, which serve as a portal to a different world, to be the significant element of the painting. This choice reflects the impact of music on Bea’s life. It’s also a tribute to her close friend and a fellow choir member, who passed away while she was creating the artwork.

Margaret Mary's Song

Margaret Mary’s Song,” 24″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas,
is now on display at Work of Love Café in Buting, Pasig City.

Bea incorporates the music sheets she and her friend sang into the painting, connecting the artwork and their shared musical experiences. She named the painting after her friend’s confirmation name and the name she gave herself after her favorite saint.

Bea may be gloomy during the creative process. Still, she aims to fill the painting with a sense of peace and solace, allowing viewers to feel a connection to the transformative power of music and the memory of her dear friend.

To make more art using my feelings and experiences to create something that would relate to others.

Bea Davila

Bea plans to create more art and take part in different exhibitions. She aims to explore new possibilities within her artistic expression and share her evolving style with a broader audience.

— Toby Denise Concepcion

Photo: Jilardon Bamba