Make Pet Adoption Your First Option

Pets serve as great companions, playing a positive role in the health and well-being of the pet and owner. When contemplating adding a pet to your household,choosing to adopt is an excellent way to help an animal in need.

Adopting a pet means bringing home an animal that has received appropriate foster and medical care. Shelters, such as the Philippine Animal Welfare Society or PAWS, provide vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and micro-chipping for animals before they are placed in their forever homes.

“Make pet adoption your first option.”

Sharon Bengzon-Yap, PAWS

Adoption provides a loving home for a pet and supports the overall welfare of shelter animals and the ongoing efforts to rescue more pets in need. It is a compassionate choice that resonates positively within the community and contributes to responsible and ethical pet ownership.

PAWS shares a success story about a dog named Waku. During a spay outreach event in the South, PAWS discovered Waku, whose upper snout had been cruelly removed by a drunk individual, as he was intended to be used as food. PAWS rescued Waku and brought him to Manila. Through dedicated efforts, Waku healed from his traumatic injury.

His story was a testament when PAWS got it to the Senate, leading to a hearing that ultimately contributed to the amendment of laws concerning animal cruelty penalties. Today, Waku has found a loving home in the United States of America!

For those interested in adopting from PAWS, the process involves several steps to ensure a smooth and responsible adoption:

1. Submit an adoption application form, prompting a set of questions to assess the potential adopter’s capability.

2. Attend a Zoom interview for further assessment.

3. Prospective adopters are encouraged to visit the shelter in person, allowing them to interact with their chosen pet and finalize their decision.

4. Once the choice is confirmed, there’s a waiting period for a vet’s clearance and a pick-up schedule.

– The adopters must pay adoption fees, set at P500 for cats and P1000 for dogs, covering essential services such as spaying/neutering surgery, vaccinations, and tick and flea treatment.

Adopters are ready to bring their new pet home after completing these steps. For more information, visit PAWS Adopt.

Explore the pets available for adoption at the ongoing virtual art exhibit and auction titled “May Fur-Ever!” featuring the pets from PAWS. These paintings are up for bidding, and the proceeds will directly contribute to supporting PAWS in their noble mission. The virtual exhibit and auction runs until March 24, 2024.

–Toby Denise Concepcion

Photo: Jilardon Bamba