Crystal Gail Hicarte’s Transformative Journey

Crystal Gail Hicarte, a self-taught artist from Manila, started her artistic journey at eleven. Initially drawing inspiration from the animated shows she watched, Crystal created fan art before eventually venturing into crafting her character subjects.

The exploration of works by diverse artists played a pivotal role in shaping her artistic identity, leading to her unique style–including floral or butterfly elements on the canvas.

Her preferred mediums, watercolor and acrylic paint, became the tools through which Crystal navigates her unique “artscape.” While rooted in a particular style, she remains open to experimentation, willingly delving into new genres and art styles.

In creating “Bottled Dreams,” Crystal envisioned a portrayal of someone immersed in a dream. Her goal was clear–to convey beauty and inspiration, igniting the creativity of those who lay eyes on her piece.

The inspiration behind the artwork was derived from the profound idea of a butterfly’s evolution, symbolizing the shaping of dreams.

Crystal strives to evoke a profound sense of joy and peace in her viewers.

I want to emphasize the ephemeral nature of life and the fantastical beauty that femininity can bring.

Crystal Gail Hicarte

Bottled Dreams by Crystal Gail Hicarte

Bottled Dreams,” 24″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas,
is now on display at Work of Love Café in Buting, Pasig City.

Through multiple sketches, she integrated butterflies as symbols of dreams. She enjoyed incorporating these elements into this artwork without veering away from the central theme of whimsical art depictions.

For Crystal, art is an ongoing learning process. She is committed to continuously improving and envisions building her portfolio to express her evolving ideas. Beyond personal growth, Crystal aspires to inspire fellow artists to pursue their passions in life thoroughly. In her eyes, art is not just a canvas but a transformative journey.

Let Crystal transform you through her artwork displayed at Work of Love Café, Tri-Ax Two Center, San Guillermo Avenue, Buting, Pasig City, until February 29, 2024. — Toby Denise Concepcion

Photo: Jilardon Bamba