Noah Sian: On Showcasing his Art Online

FilipinoArtPH celebrates four years of proudly supporting local artists in the Philippines. In four years, the art platform has become a lively space for diverse artistic expressions to thrive. It’s a virtual stage where emerging and established artists unite, showcasing the rich creativity within the Filipino art community.

With that, FilipinoArtPH would like to spotlight its roster of artists with exceptional talent and a superb artistic journey.

Meet Noah Sian, a full-time artist from Bacolod City. When he was young, he discovered his love for art, drawing his favorite cartoon characters on his grandma’s staircase. On the other hand, his dad supported his newfound passion then with art supplies, leading to more artworks.

At 13, Noah’s first solo exhibit at The Negros Museum was made possible by the local art community’s support. He painted the Ambassador of Spain, Tomas Rodriguez Pantoja, during a special occasion commemorating the museum’s sixth anniversary. Since then, Noah credits his continuous success to a steady stream of projects and commissioned portraits fueled by his deep passion for art.

I believe showcasing artists’ works online would greatly benefit the artistic community.

Noah Sian

He successfully created and consistently shared his artworks online, which would reach more art enthusiasts worldwide.

He emphasizes the support he receives from art exhibitions and communities, and online platforms like FilipinoArtPH significantly impact him as an artist.  This support also helps him connect with local and international art collectors who fuel his motivation to make artworks.

He also highlights the power of social media in his journey of being an artist; social media provides an effective platform to showcase artists and their works online.

Noah advises emerging artists always to sustain their passion for their art despite how challenging life may be. “Love your art, focus on your craft despite life’s challenges, and leverage platforms like FilipinoArtPH to propel your career.”

Ultimately, unwavering dedication to one’s art is the key to overcoming the ups and downs of the industry and establishing a lasting presence in the art world.”

— Toby Denise Concepcion

Dungkaan by Noah Sian

18″ x 14″ 1″
Watercolor on Special Paper

Pangisda 2 by Noah Sian

Pangisda 2
18″ x 14″ x 1″
Watercolor on Special Paper

Roundhead by Noah Sian

19″ x 14″ x 1″
Watercolor on Special Paper

Gawahon Ecopark by Noah Sian

“”Gawahon Ecopark
18″ x 14″ x 1″
Watercolor on Special Paper

Cover: Jilardon Bamba