See the Chinese Zodiac Signs in a New Light

Manila, Philippines—In time for the Lunar New Year, digital sculptor-art director Megs Empinado, whose previous works were mainly collectibles from top media and gaming companies Marvel, DC, Hasbro, and Capcom, holds his first solo exhibition, titled “Cycles,” at the Imahica Art Gallery in Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City.

In “Cycles,” Empinado fuses the concepts of superheroes, punk, and wormholes, featuring the 12 lunar calendar animals. Imagine the Chinese zodiac signs, such as the rabbit, rooster, or dog, share the similar stylish confidence and oomph as Rocket Racoon in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise—that’s how these new creations by the artist are looking the part!

The exhibit also showcases the artist’s interpretation of a pair of fu dogs, famously found in the Forbidden City in Beijing.   These mythical animals symbolize strength, bravery, and protection for the inhabitants of the buildings or houses they defend.

Although known for working on 3D models of real-life Pinoy heroes and fictional superheroes based on his recent portfolio, “It’s been challenging, no less, to apply my kind of art style on animals this time,” Empinado told FilipinoArt in an interview.

The exhibit’s host, the Imahica Art Gallery, details Empinado as “deeply passionate about the creative process and is always striving to improve his skills and techniques, as well as push the boundaries of what can be achieved through today’s technology—melding the traditional and digital art together.

This dedication to his craft is evident in every piece he creates, and it’s one of the things that makes his work so captivating.

Imahica Art Gallery

“Cycles” is on view until February 4, 2023.

Contact the Imahica Art Gallery at 0917 8945646 or email

Photo: Imahica Art Gallery