Tips to Stay Productive and Creative While Quarantined, Part Three

In the time of the dreaded COVID-19, the world is on a standstill.

The expected spread of the disease has been causing fear, anxiety, and uncertainty as to when this ordeal will end.

But no matter how bleak the circumstances we’re in, Filipino visual artists can use their time under quarantine in a positive way.

Here are some tips:

Sofia Hazel Urmeneta, Angono Rizal

“I’m used to tuning out the noise ‘outside’ so I could focus on whatever project I’m doing. But, right now, I keep myself abreast of everything that’s happening around me. We’ve never been in this situation before, and it has forced us to make a lifestyle change in a short time.

I’ve been observing the changes happening within me – my opinions, convictions, and morals. For me, knowing yourself is a vital process in making art.

Sofia Hazel Urmeneta

Julianne Delmar, Cebu City

“By using everyday familiar objects and scenes as subjects, I’ve been compelled to see them from a new perspective, especially nowadays. During this downtime, I’ve also been taking advantage of the various free services made available online, such as learning from eBooks about watercolor painting.”

Angela Taguiang, Navotas City

“By teaching simple art exercises online, or by making a coloring page or an uplifting digital wallpaper for free download, we can spread positivity during these turbulent times.”

Pete Vitalez, Paranaque City

“I always thought of this enhanced quarantine as an opportune time to reconnect to our most basic self. I use this time as an inspiration to find simplicity and produce art pieces that showcase my most basic but unique identity as an artist.”

Mark Kenneth Bambico, Makati City

Staying home for an extended period is nothing new to me.

But in these crazy, crazy times, I’ve opted to refocus the subject of my art into voicing out the injustices of our current system of government, which, hopefully, will prompt conversations.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to take longer naps and spend more time with my family.”

Angelica Marie Alim, Bacoor, Cavite

As an artist, I spend my time doing the ‘three things you can’t buy with money’ – things we won’t be able to do forever, and, sometimes, we underestimate.

Angelica Marie Alim

First is time; therefore, I find time to bond with my family by watching movies that are educational and entertaining. Second is peace; thus, I read books that feed my mind with new knowledge. The last thing is talent, which is why I draw every day and hone my skills.”

Photo: Alisa Anton