What Are The Benefits of Selling Art Online?

Selling your artwork is one of the hardest things to do if you’re an artist. After all, you do not know that much about the business side of the art industry, and you mostly struggle with the costs of advertising and the politics of most art organizations.

One solution to the problem, though, is trying to sell your artwork online! Here at Positive Space, we have listed down the benefits of selling your artwork online.

Cheaper Platform

Organizing a physical art exhibition can be a bit costly, whose budget includes staff salary, production of promotional materials, and other logistics. In contrast, putting out your artwork online can cost you only a few pesos.

More Open to Artists

Do you find it hard to showcase your work in brick-and-mortar art galleries? You’re not alone. Many physical art galleries are favoring the more established artists over the emerging ones. Fortunately, online art platforms, such as FilipinoArt.ph, are open to both.

More Affordable Art

The artwork you see in a physical exhibition costs a bit more than its actual value.  This happens because the organizers are paying for other costs such as venue rental, electricity, ingress and egress costs, among others. Selling your artwork online may prevent those added costs and makes it more affordable to most buyers.

More Accessible

Social media presence has been dominating the world in the past decade. Along with it, most businesses and millions of people are following its development. If someone is looking for art online, they could be a good lead or potential buyer of your work.

More Engagement

Along with the rise of online platforms, social engagements have been improving a lot, too. Getting to know new people, whom you share common interests with, could potentially help you learn more about your craft and the art industry, as well as expand your network.

Photo: Yi Liu