Explore Mythic Realms in Winston Young’s Solo Exhibit

Union, New Jersey – Manila-born artist Winston Young has an ongoing solo exhibit titled Mythic Realms at the Les Malamut Art Gallery, 180 Morris Ave., Union, N.J. Inspired by the Old Masters of the Northern and Southern Renaissance (14th to 16th centuries), Mythic Realms revolves around traditional and classical themes along with their rich symbolic meanings.  Young’s art is his reinterpretation of various biblical, legendary, and mythical grand narratives.

In a recent interview with Tap Into Union, Young said his collection of artworks is a product of his late nights’ work at home – a much-needed stress buster from his day job at an advertising firm.  But his attraction to the beauty of art goes a long way back to his growing years in the Philippines. “I knew I was going to be an artist at the age of five,” he said.

When I was a little boy in the Philippines. I saw an older boy drawing a cow, and I was like, ‘wow.’ It blew my mind that someone could create something so beautiful.

Winston Young

Traditional pen-and-ink drawings, which pay homage to the classical style, are highly noticeable in his artworks. The principles of old-style etching and black-and-white engravings on sepia-tinted surfaces also have influences on Young’s body of work.

“In my journey as an artist, I am continually drawn to and challenged by the Old Masters’ meticulous skills, dedicated passion, and unique brand of artistic production, which continues to speak and resonate with audiences today. Their message transcends the passage of time and the ever-shifting social and political contexts without the need for any verbose discursive mediations or lengthy philosophical interpolations,” he said.

“My art aims to do just that, to remind the viewers of this generation about the continuing relevance of the timeless themes, qualities, and virtues that the classical tradition has to offer in this fast-changing digital world. But most of all, I want the artwork to speak for itself.”

To complete an artwork, he usually follows a three-step process: (1) he visualizes his ideas by making preliminary sketches, (2) he applies ink on the drawings, and (3) he scans and recomposes the drawings with ink on the computer.

Young’s Mythic Realms is on exhibit now until 28 February 2020; this is his first exhibit at The Les Malamut Art Gallery.

For more information, visit the Les Malamut Art Gallery’s website.


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