• Pineapple Lab’s XY EXHIBIT Opens Thurs, Sept. 14
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    Pineapple Lab’s XY EXHIBIT Opens Thurs, Sept. 14

    Manila, Philippines--Pineapple Lab, an arts and performance hub in Makati City, presents a visual arts gallery titled “XY Exhibit,” which deviates the focus from the spaces between the lines and re-examines the enigmatic variables that connect these continuous points. The deliberate strokes articulate one’s thoughts and perceptions as a way to get closer to tangible constants that attempt to answer or pose more questions--equations.

    “XY Exhibit” is a two-man exhibit that features the works of Sherwin Sacramento and Belzasar II, which traces (from within) their individual manifestation of responses to imposed constructs by systems and indoctrinated circumstances.

    Sacramento takes his viewers through the labyrinth of his process--of both internal examination and external observation as a way of meditation. He emphasizes the visual representations of patterns as factors that stimulate our senses to create, or perhaps, recreate our own realities. The continuous line so apparent in his works bridges logic and intuition within an organic matrix. He emphasizes the deconditioning from external attachments of cravings, aversion, fears, and dogma. In his work PLAY, Sacramentouses an arrow to represent the heart, which activates the action. It is a general visualization of its connection to the mind in order to achieve wholesomeness.

    Belzasar II’s works are characterized by visceral manipulations on various surfaces to radiate a cold and latent violence, controlling visual chaos. Using mixed mediums of traditional and digital processes, he translates their constraints and capabilities by using his personal struggles and reflective responses to the question “why are you?” as a starting point. In his work, THE DEATH OF KIAN LLOYD DELOS SANTOS, Belzasar II expels both his anger and fear while confronting viewers to connect. His works elicit further contemplation on the present.

    About the Artists

    Sherwin Sacramento was trained at the Institute of European Design in Milan. He has been in the creative industry for almost two decades working for well-known Italian fashion brands. His most fulfilling contributions include installations that combined art, design, and fashion. His creative journey has been shaped by his relationships and collaborations with artists from Italy, Colombia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

    Belzasar II is an independent-multidisciplinary artist who specializes in symmetry with organic elements and fantastical details. He appropriates drawing, painting, text, and graphics mixed with experimental digital techniques, glitches, and spontaneous strokes of paint. He started his career in the film and games industry, working as a concept artist making characters, environments and marketing art. He has since expanded his artistic versatility: directing brand development for business, start-ups, and organizations. He co-founded WHOAREMARO, an art collective dedicated to producing events and products for the local art community. He installs digital murals for events and performs live digital paintings--choreographed digital painting as free form stage visuals for local music acts. In his free time, he likes to look for and collect artwork, broken film cameras, unique articles of clothing in antique stores, vintage shops, and dusty backyards.

    Pineapple Lab is located at 6071 R. Palma Street, Poblacion, Makati City.

    Visit PineappleLab.ph.