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  • Kathleene Somera

    Kathleene Kaye is a graphic artist and fan of traditional artworks. Her first exhibit was at "Art for Everyone" in SM Megamall in 2019. She uses acrylic paint; she also mixes watercolor and acrylic. She finished Human Resources Development Management at PUP Quezon City but chose to work in the art field.

  • Katrina Yau

    Katrina Yau, a 20-year-old interdisciplinary artist based in the south, is a communication arts student.

  • Keishey Andrada

    Keishey, a Far Eastern University alumna and self-taught artist, does portraits and landscapes. Her style expresses thoughts, emotions, and feelings using texture and layered colors, aiming to convert complex meanings into a real connection with her audience.

  • Keith Mengullo

    "Art is a liberating attribute of life."

    A self-taught artist, Keith discovered her passion for painting at a young age. Her work explores simple yet interesting subjects - an attempt to recreate a viewer's mindset with some sense of optimism.

  • Kenth Galvez

    Fascinated with magic and fantasy, Kenth is an artist who works in the construction industry. His art style of using metallic ink on different black canvases like paper and board is often inspired by the beauty of nature, harmony of lines, majesty of the supernatural, and grandeur of imagination.

  • Ket Carbonilla

    Kristina "Ket" Carbonilla is a graphics technology graduate who majored in industrial design at the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP). She worked as a graphic artist/apparel designer in various garment industry companies. She's now co-managing a preschool tutorial center with her sister and teaches arts and crafts to kids. She's also an embroidery and hand lettering enthusiast.

  • Kim Postrano

    A college degree holder, Kim is a determined self-taught artist, who first learned sketching by watching videos online. He has quit his job, joined art groups, and mentored by Master Orley Ypon. He dreams about making his own name in the world of art.

  • Kristelle Joyce Adami

    She paints as a way of breathing and expression. Art, she says, is both therapy and thrill. Her recent works are depictions of somber emotions, strength, and fascination with the female figure. She's based in Pasig City and currently studying multimedia at the University of the Philippines.

  • Lawrence Memije

    Lawrence "Renzy" Memije is a 38-yr-old artist from Parañaque City but now based in Mamburao, Occidential Mindoro. He's a Fine Arts graduate from University of Santo Tomas (UST) who actively participated in various exhibits and competitions at UST during his college days.

  • Leonora Braceros

    A self-taught artist, Len believes that her artworks helped her grow and became the person she is today.

  • Lerin Zamora

    During the pandemic, she used her free time to learn new skills, pamper herself, and reconnect with what made her happy: painting. Lerin is an undergraduate visual graphic artist, but she took some time off from school to support her family, being the eldest among her siblings and breadwinner. She's currently working as a graphic layout artist in a well-known digital printing shop in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro.

  • Lorienelle Anne Gardon

    Lorienelle finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design from the University of Santo Tomas. She does acrylic engraving and paper cut illustrations. A majority of her artworks inspires feminism and she's fascinated with the scope and curves of a woman's body.

  • Lourdes de Vera

    Lourdes is a self-taught painter. She was mentored by the eminent art scholar, book author, and art historian and critic Rodolfo Paras Perez. She also attended a workshop by Hungarian painter Döbröntei, Zoltán. In 2015, Marilou’s book on the arts won the Cardinal Sin Best Book Award for the Youth and the Child. Her artistic works are featured in publications "Art and Creation Stories," "Art Called Death," "Art of Caring," and the "Art of Sex."

  • Luzlyn Vasquez

    A self-taught digital artist, Luzlyn, also known as Meraki/LYN, is an Information System student at DFCAMC-IT Campus in Las Piñas. She is also an Arts and Design graduate from UPHSD-Las Piñas.

  • Ma. Angelica Alegre

    Angelica is a nineteen-year-old aspiring artist who is currently taking up AB-Fashion Design and Merchandising at De la Salle-College of St. Benilde. She draws most of her inspiration from her family and her hometown, Bicol. Having a thin line between arts and design, she finds a way to create artworks that hones her skills while pursuing her passion.

  • Madonna Bacorro

    Maddie, Bacs for short, is a self-taught artist and a family medicine doctor and palliative specialist. Her passion for painting and poetry comes with being exposed to different patients from all ages and walks of life and cultures. Painting as her creative outlet, she has decided to hone her craft and take it seriously, having been influenced by several professional artists in the field.

  • Margaux Belleza

    Margaux, 23, is a self-taught aspiring artist from Las Piñas City. She paints the beauty in ruin, loss, sorrow, and desolation. She used to work with watercolor but occasionally plays with acrylics and other mediums.

  • Maria Angelica Pua

    Maria Angelica is an architect with a passion for arts and design. At a young age, she loved drawing houses, with her family inside, using single lines, cartoons, and anime characters. As she explored the arts world, she attended classes in Chinese painting in Taiwan, where she learned about painting flowers, plants, fruits, birds, insects, and landscapes using blank ink. Inspired by Vincent van Gogh's sunflower series in oil on canvas and Lilit Sarkisian, a Russian artist who combines fashion and art, she became fascinated with flowers. To her, flowers became a symbol of hope and perseverance even through the dark times.

  • Maria Krista Hubac

    Krista 'Stang' is a Psychology graduate who began painting in her high school days - drawing anime and cartoon characters. A self-taught artist, she has been exploring other mediums of art, especially acrylic as a way to express her emotions. She loves to travel and finds inspirations from her experiences in new places.

  • Maria Lourdes Castañeda

    Maria aka 'Littlemissmarikit' is the face behind Marikit Studios on Facebook and YouTube. Her main mediums include watercolor and gouache, but she dabbles in colored pencil and graphite. She believes in the mantra “Think. Dream.Create. Believe. ”

  • Maria Paula Tolentino

    Paula is a multi-faceted communicator in digital marketing, public relations, journalism, and visual arts. Her fascination and passion for visual arts started when storytelling meant speaking through the language of images and pictures. A self-taught artist, her mediums are pencil, watercolor, and oil. You can find her blogging about art on her website or sharing her latest artworks on Instagram.

  • Maria Rowena Getutua

    Rowena is a watercolor enthusiast from Cebu, Philippines, who also dabbles with ink. She also writes blogs.

  • Marielli Arnaldo

    Marielli is a Fine Arts Interior Design major from the University of Santo Tomas. She believes that "Art is food for the soul, and an artistic climate is a healthy climate because it breeds empathy." - Amanda Porter

  • Mark Delos Reyes

    Mark is a 22-year-old struggling artist from Bulacan. He started pursuing arts five years ago and enjoys the challenges in the art industry.

  • Mark Kenneth Bambico

    Working full-time as an animation director, Mark blends his art with his design and animation experience to his colorful paintings. He carelessly dumps colors on the canvas, breaks anatomy rules, with sharp lines and flow, tells stories, and evokes emotions brought about by his current state, emotionally and spiritually.

Showing 101 - 125 of 185 items