August Punzal

taytay, rizal, Philippines

August Punzal
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Painting / Drawing


August Punzal

A former banker of Wells Fargo, August presents his art in the abstract form - with a twist of enthusiasm for what life is beyond his home country, such as in Egypt and elsewhere.

Q&A with August Punzal

  • How would you describe your art in one word? Why?

    My art is about "freedom" because it lets me express myself without limits. Art is a way to share thoughts and feelings without holding them back. It also allows me to explore new trends and styles, which makes me more creative. Art is a big part of my life. 

  • What inspires your art?

    I create art based on my feelings, using abstract expressionism. Each stroke represents how I feel about things happening in my life. I turn my experiences into visual art by throwing paint on canvases and using my hands. My style differs from traditional art because I use chaotic and bright colors to challenge ordinary ideas. 

  • What's the most memorable feedback you've received from your audience?

    Someone once told me my art reminded them of happy memories from their childhood. It showed me how art can connect with people on a deeper level. I want to evoke that kind of experience in everybody by hacing them see the beauty of unexpected places, such as imperfect things and locations that can be beautiful from a different perspective. 

  • What advice do you have for aspiring Filipino visual artists?

    Keep going even when it's tough. You might be inspiring someone else without knowing it. One supporter can make a big difference in your journey. You can use many tools to explore new ideas and induce creativity.

August Punzal


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